Window Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

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Window Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

Window cleaner sprayed onto window
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Cleaning windows is a chore for many homeowners. Some just ignore the fact that their windows are dirty, while others spend money on professional window washers. Fortunately, here are some window cleaning tips you can use to make washing your windows a bit easier and/or less expensive.

What You'll Need:

Lint-Free Cloths
Window Cleaning Product
Bounty Paper Towels


First, don't clean the windows in windy weather or in direct sunlight. The wind and heat of the sun causes the water in the cleaning solution to evaporate quicker. This means that while you are still using the squeegee, the cleaning solution dries on the glass, causing streaks. Also, don't clean exterior windows on cold days. If the temperature is at or below the freezing point, the cleaning solution can freeze on the window before you get a chance to use the squeegee.

Next, use tools that are in good condition to get the best results. Quality tools clean the windows better. When choosing a cleaning solution, you can make your own or buy a commercial window cleaner. Homemade cleaners are often cheaper and use fewer chemicals.

When choosing ingredients for your window cleaner, avoid products with vinegar, alcohol, and ammonia. These chemicals can dry out the window seals, which are often made of rubber.

To clean the windows well, apply the cleaner to the windows and then use the scraper to remove any debris stuck on the windows. You can also scrub the windows using lint-free cloths.

Remove the cleaning solution with a squeegee. Afterward, if any water remains on the windows, use dry lint-free cloths to dry the windows.

These window cleaning tips will let you clean your windows to get a clear and streak-proof result. Use Bounty paper towels to dry your hands and clean up any extra mess you’ve created in the cleaning process.

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