Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

A blue bucket filled with cleaning supplies next to a Bounty paper towel roll
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Get out the spring cleaning checklist and tackle the bathroom for a thorough cleaning. This is a great time to get rid of old products and other accumulated things in the bathroom, particularly if you have not thoroughly cleaned this room in a while. When you are finished, you will marvel at your sparkling and well-organized bathroom. Most of what you will need you will find in your cleaning stash, and the rest you can buy at your local grocery or discount store.

What You'll Need:

Bathroom Soft Scrubbing Cleanser
Baking Soda
Glass Spray Cleaner
Bounty Paper Towels
Toilet Bowl Brush
Spray Bottle
Small Plastic Bins (Optional)
Drawer Dividers (Optional)
Trash Bag


With the spring cleaning checklist in hand, gather all your supplies to give your bathroom a major crackdown!

Empty all the drawers and linen closet (if you have one). Remove all items you have on the sink, and also in the tub or shower.

Go through all your toiletries and other necessities that you keep in the bathroom, and throw out unusable or expired products.

Fill a spray bottle with water and 4 tablespoons of baking soda.

Spray all the insides of drawers and shelves with the baking soda solution, and wipe them off with Bounty paper towels. Dry off the shelves with a dry Bounty paper towel.

Return all items to their proper place and reorganize your things so they are always easy to find. Put things in small plastic containers or drawer dividers, if that works for you.

Scrub the shower or tub with the soft scrubbing cleanser and damp paper towels. Rinse out after scrubbing.

Use the soft scrubbing cleanser inside and outside of the toilet. Use the toilet brush for the bowl. Go over the outside with a damp Bounty paper towel.

Spray the counter tops and sinks with the baking soda solution and wipe off with a damp Bounty paper towel.

Spray the mirrors and faucets with the glass spray cleaner, and then wipe with Bounty paper towels.

Clean the cabinets and doors with the spray and wipe off with a damp paper towel.

You can even mop the floors with the spray!

Go over the corners and baseboards with a damp Bounty paper towel.

Enjoy your clean bathroom until the next time it gets dirty!