Brand Story


In 1957, we joined Procter & Gamble.

Back then, we were known as Charmin Towels and only 1-ply. We went to work revolutionizing a 2-ply paper towel that was not only soft and strong but was unmatched in being quick and absorbent on spills.

So impressive, we developed our own name:

Bounty. “The Quicker Picker Upper!”

We didn’t stop there. We kept innovating to live up to our promise of being the quickest and most effective paper towel at picking up messes and spills.

So, you can be sure we’ll always be The Quicker Picker Upper.

The Quicker Picker Upper Through Time


Watch! Spills happen quick.

But for every unexpected spill ‘The Quicker Picker Upper’ is there to save the day!