A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets

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A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets

Woman cleaning cabinet glass with Bounty paper towel
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Cleaning your kitchen cabinets may seem like an unnecessary task, but it's not. Spring-cleaning your kitchen is very important to help prevent the spread of germs. Here's a quick guide to cleaning your kitchen cabinets, and some tips that will make the process easier.

What You'll Need:

Spray Bottle
Bucket of Warm Water
Bounty Paper Towels
Rubber Gloves
Dusting Cloth
Furniture Polish
Dust Pan and Whisk Broom


Empty out one cabinet at a time. Place items away from your work area in order to prevent breaking anything, and to keep them out of the way while cleaning.

Use the dustpan and whiskbroom to sweep out the shelves in the cabinets to remove any crumbs, dust or other debris.

Put on your rubber gloves and mix the vinegar and water into the spray bottle using a 1 x 4 ratio. Label the spray bottle so you'll know what the solution is.

Spray the inside surfaces of the cabinets and wipe with the sponge. Rinse the sponge in the bucket of warm water as needed to keep it clean.

Wipe dry the inside cabinet surfaces with Bounty paper towels.

Repeat this process on the outside surface of the cabinets.

Put the contents back inside the cabinets.

Spray the outside of the cabinets with your favorite furniture polish, and wipe with a cloth for shine.

Repeat this process on all kitchen cabinetry until all cabinets are clean.

Once you have cleaned all cabinets, wipe clean your kitchen counter with Bounty paper towels.