Potty Accident Cleanup Tips

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Potty Accident Cleanup Tips

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Toddlers are bound to have accidents…although the mess can be unpleasant, the cleanup doesn’t have to be chaotic. The trick is keeping some supplies on hand and to not panic. Your baby will soon be making it to the toilet on their own, and accidents will be a thing of the past. In the meantime, be aware, your couches, bedding, carpets, and floors are at risk.

What You'll Need:

Bounty Paper Towels
Disinfectant spray
Carpet cleaning spray
Laundry soap
Dish soap
Toddler bath wash
Change of clothes
Clean sponge
Laundry stain remover


Tend to your child first. If the accident was really messy, pop your little one in the bathtub and wash him or her down. Once your child is changed and fresh, deal with the mess wherever it occurred.

If your little one got the couch dirty, see if the cushion has a removable cover. Wash and dry the cover according to the care label instructions. Tend to the cushion padding with a clean sponge, water, and laundry stain remover or a small amount of dish soap. Air-dry the cushions.

If the potty accident occurred in bed, strip the sheets and the comforter and pop them in the washing machine. Wash and dry according to the care label instructions.

Clean any carpet stains with a clean sponge or Bounty paper towels and carpet cleaner.

Wipe down hard surfaces, including the floors, with Bounty paper towels and a disinfectant spray.

Don't get discouraged and keep up the potty training!