Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

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Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Woman wiping dirt off the floor
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The weather is cooling and the leaves are falling; it's time to take in the patio furniture. But, before tackling this pre-winter task, add cleaning outdoor furniture to the fall cleanup list. This chore removes dirt, freshens fabric-covered furniture, and kills odor-causing bacteria.


Spray Bottle White Vinegar Lemon Cutting Board Knife Soft Cloths Bounty Paper Towels for Cleanup


Mix a natural cleaning solution. Fill a spray bottle three-fourths full with warm water. Add white vinegar to almost fill the bottle.

Use a knife to slice a fresh lemon in quarters on a cutting board. Squeeze fresh lemon juice into the vinegar mixture. Then, if they will fit, push the lemon pieces into the spray bottle. If not, send the lemon pieces down the garbage disposal to freshen the appliance.

Replace the spray bottle lid. Gently swish the solution to mix it. Now you're ready to start cleaning outdoor furniture.

Spray all wood, metal, plastic, wicker, and wrought iron furniture with the solution. Use a soft towel to wipe away dirt and stains. The lemon juice helps remove sticky residue, such as tree sap.

Use the cleanser to freshen fabric chair and lounge seat covers. Spray the solution on the fabric and wipe it off using a soft cloth. The vinegar sanitizes the surface.

As soon as the cleanser dries, the vinegar odor will go away. There's no need to rinse the furniture with water. Finish by tucking the furniture away in a garden shed, garage, or basement until spring.