How to Clean A Barbecue Grill

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How to Clean A Barbecue Grill

How To Clean Barbeque Grill in 3 Simple Steps
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Getting ready for a cookout and cleaning up afterward is easy when you know how to clean a barbecue grill. Clean the grill racks before placing uncooked food on them, and clean the body of the grill after a greasy spill to make it last longer. Avoid cleaning your grill in the hot sun because the sun will make the cleaner evaporate before it can work.

What You'll Need:

Washbasin or Sink
Hot Water
Dish Detergent like Dawn
¼ Cup Lemon Juice
Scrub Brush or Scratchy Dishwashing Pad
Spray Bottle Filled with a 50/50 Mix of Lemon Juice and Water
Bounty Paper Towels


Remove the grill racks and place them in the washbasin or sink. Fill the basin with enough hot water to cover the racks. Add a generous squirt of dish detergent and the lemon juice to the hot water.

Allow the rack to soak in the hot water and detergent while you work on the outer body of the grill. Spray a heavy coat of lemon-water on the outer body of the grill and let it soak in for about five minutes. Use a couple of paper towels to scrub the grill's outer body. If the grill does not come clean, spray more lemon-water on the outside of the grill. Dry the lemon-water off the grill's exterior with some paper towels.

Use the scrub brush or scratchy pad to scrub the grill rack. This is usually the hardest part of how to clean a barbecue grill, but soaking the rack reduces the amount of work required. Rinse the rack with clear water, dry it with some paper towels, and replace the rack in the grill.

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