Cleaning Tips for New Pet Owners

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Cleaning Tips for New Pet Owners

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A new pet equals great fun for pet owners as well as exciting times for the new pet! Unfortunately, sometimes your pet's excitement is translated into an unpleasant mess on the floor or upholstery. Stock up on paper towels and expect a few mishaps until your new pet gets used to your family. In the meantime, prepare yourself with these cleaning tips for new pet owners.

What You'll Need:

Bounty Paper Towels
Soda Water or White Vinegar
Liquid Laundry Detergent
Soft Bristled Scrub Brush


For urine spots, soak up the excess moisture first. Fold several Bounty paper towels to make a pad that will cover the wet spot on the floor or upholstery. Gently press the pad on the wet spot until you see moisture soaking through the paper towel pad. Remove the pad and throw it in the trash. Make another pad and once again press it on the wet spot, and throw it away. Keep folding, pressing, and throwing away paper towel pads until the wet spot looks dry.

To get rid of urine odor, pour either soda water or white vinegar over the soiled area until the carpet or fabric fibers become saturated. To remove the soda water or white vinegar, repeat the previous steps with the paper towel pads until the pads don't pick up any moisture on the fibers.

If your pet's accident included both solid waste and urine, you'll need to pick up the solid waste with paper towels first. Pour a few drops of detergent on the soiled area and gently scrub until all signs of the solid waste disappear. Then do the soda water or vinegar step described above.

If your pet keeps having accidents as it grows older, you will need to adapt these cleaning tips for new pet owners by replacing gentle cleaners with stronger cleaning products.