How to Clean Crystal Stemware Naturally

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How to Clean Crystal Stemware Naturally

How To Clean Crystal Glassware
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If you are wondering how to clean crystal stemware naturally here are some great tips. As everyone who owns crystal knows it requires a little more care than other stemware, but the beautiful result is worth it. Whether you use your crystal frequently or just for special occasions, you always want to keep it looking its best!

What You'll Need:

Warm Soapy Water
White Vinegar
Dish Towels or Clean Rags
Bounty Paper Towels
Non-Abrasive Dish Scrubbing-Brush or Toothbrush


Fill your clean kitchen sink with warm soapy water and allow the crystal to soak for a few minutes. Never put your crystal in the dishwasher! The delicate stems could break, and dish detergent will cause a spotty residue.

Use a non-abrasive dish scrubbing-brush or a toothbrush to gently clean the inside of each piece of stemware.

Rinse the soap off of each piece of crystal using cool water.

Line your countertop with Bounty paper towels and place rinsed crystal stemware on the sheets to dry.

Using a dish towel or rag, rub the crystal with white vinegar. The vinegar will remove any spots from the glasses and ensure clarity.

Rinse the crystal again with cool water to remove vinegar residue. You wouldn't want a vinegar aftertaste to ruin your wine!

Using Bounty paper towel, dry each glass and display your sparkling stemware. Now that you know how to clean crystal stemware to a beautiful shine, you can use your best glasses more often!